Stoke Travels- Best Travel Packages

Stoke Travel is easily one of the best travel package companies operating right now! They offer a whole host of trips across the world so that people can experience what other cultures have to offer.

This Australian company has become the chosen service for plenty of Americans and college students across the country. They plan trips for students and young adults at affordable flat rates. College students across the country want to be ambassadors for the company!

You pay a flat rate to travel to places for events such as Oktoberfest in Germany! They plan these kinds of trips for different events and to different cities across the world. They’re extremely organized and polite. People who use their services rave about their experience with the company. They also plan city tours and other fun things in the cities you are visiting, which takes some of the hassles out of travel.

The company has a really hip and chill vibe, which is very characteristic of the Australian people. I mean common, the name of the company is called Stoke travel! They seem to be pretty stoked about what they do. And with their newsletter being called “the booze letter” how could you possibly go wrong with this company.

They even offer this feature called the Passport! Basically, if you choose this offer from Stoke, you get four trips for the price of three! While 550 Euros seems cheap and seems like you’d feel dirty, the company does a great job of making you feel fairly pampered.

Here are some of the coolest festivals and events Stoke offers trips to:

1. Oktoberfest
This is easily one of the most enticing trips they offer. Who wouldn’t want to go to Oktoberfest!? And better yet, who wouldn’t want to celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany!?
Experiencing Oktoberfest in Germany is something that you cannot get anywhere else.

2. La Tomatina
This festival is somewhat little known to the US. This is a tradition in Spain, where everyone goes out into the street and has a huge food fight with tomatoes. It’s such a fun and lighthearted event, you ought to make an effort to experience it.

3. Running of the Bulls
Everyone knows exactly what this is. Even if you don’t plan on actually running with the horned beasts, it’s certainly worth it to watch. Take a trip to Spain with this company and watch one of the countries most ancient traditions come to life before your eyes.

4. Ibiza Beach Break
If you’re looking to truly let loose, Ibiza is definitely the place to do it. Next, to Vegas, this island is easily one of the biggest party destinations in the world.

5. King’s Day Festival
Speaking of party destinations, there’s no party like an Amsterdam party. And there is certainly no party like a King’s day party on the canals.
This is again one of the citie’s older celebrations and by going you get to experience both a piece of history and a super fun booze cruise.

Check out the video below of Octoberfest with Stoke Travel!