About Me

Hey travelers! My name is Isaac and my biggest and favorite hobby is traveling and backpacking. My whole life I have been an adventurer starting from having a huge imagination on the playground as a kid to always getting myself in trouble from finding areas of fields that were not meant to be found. Finally as I got older I began to take this burning passion out to the real world. I grew up and still live in California so I started by going to most of the national parks and backpacking all the amazing mountains California has to offer. Once I went to just about all the popular and hidden spots in California I decided to road trip through the United States to try and hit all the national spots. This all took me about 2 years and then I finally went out and ventured outside of the states. I backpacked all throughout Europe, East Asia, and Spain. Traveling has opened my mind and I have such a different perspective and outlook on life that I am forever grateful for. I am here to encourage you to expand your brain and live your life to the fullest. We live in a beautiful place, take advantage of it!