5 Sex Tips To Spice Up Your Sex Life

There is always room for improvement, especially in the bedroom so instead of calling it quits try to switch things up. Not only will your partner appreciate the efforts but you can instantly transform your entire sex life by taking these tips into consideration.
1. Have A Threesome:
Bringing someone into the equation can be a little risky, but it can also be exactly what your relationship needs. Adding another person, whichever gender preferred, can give more excitement when it comes to turning your partner on by letting them watch or vice versa.
Adding another person with their skillsets, hormones, and passion for sex can help enhance whatever boring, missionary sex cycle you’ve succumbed to.
2. Buy A Sex Toy:
There are so many online it’s hard to decide what alley you want to go down. For men or women, you can easily bring some sort of toy into the bedroom to make things a little more interesting. Usually, women are the one using the help of a vibrator, cock ring, or dildo to get the job finished, but you can even use nipple clamps, anal beads or anything else bondage to add to the sexy time.
3. Incorporate Food:
This one is a little more fun as you figure out what you are craving and that goes perfectly with hot steamy sex. Whether you choose juicy fruit or soothing liquid chocolate, make sure you’re communicating with your partner throughout so they’re getting their satisfaction from this experiment.
It might take a couple of times to get the feelings and food choice right, but I have no doubt in my mind that it will positively affect your sex life.
4. Role Play:
Being someone else for a couple of hours is almost too appealing. If you’ve always wanted to be a doctor or someone of higher power, now is your time to shine by showing off your excellent acting skills. This is also a way to get closer to your partner by making this into a fun game and actually letting your personalities out.
The best way to be always increasing your sex life is to have an open mind and completely trust your partner. Buy some sexy and fun outfits to make the scenarios more believable and get the show on the road.
5. Create A Sex Bucket List:
The more you think and talk about the sex the hornier you become so why not keep the conversation flowing about this topic with your partner. You can each create a sex list before sharing it with each other. Hopefully, there are some similar responses.
You will be surprised where your imagination can take you if you try to figure out all of the ways and places you want to have sex. Make sure you’re keeping an open mind so your partner feels comfortable in sharing their ideas with you and that you can start getting down and dirty with the top of your list.

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